January 6, 2022

When Do You Need a Tree Removal Service Provider?

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Today, everyone is conscious of the environment. Having trees on your property is a sure way of eliminating an excessive carbon footprint. Unfortunately, there comes a time when tree removal becomes inevitable. But do you need a tree removal expert? Here are a few signs that you have to engage a tree removal professional.

Excessive Tree Damage

Excessive tree damage is a safety issue. Most experts suggest that you indulge a professional if this damage is about or exceeds 50%. That means the strength of the trees is not enough to support them. Various tell-tale signs indicate that the tree is damaged: multiple broken branches, exposed and weak roots, decaying trunk, and decaying roots.

You could also check out fungus at the base or root of the tree. Fungus is a sign that the tree might be too weak to support itself. Without the expertise and equipment needed, cutting this tree will expose you to safety issues.

Too Close to Power Lines

It would be best to get a professional if you want to remove a tree near power lines. This move will protect you from various issues, including electrocution and fire hazards. While the space between the power lines and your tree might seem relatively significant, poor weather conditions could make the project less safe.

A professional has extensive skills and experience to handle such situations. You'll also be confident in their ability to avert other dangers. These professionals boast excellent equipment to ensure the tree does not fall on the power lines.

Compromised Trunk

A compromised trunk might be significantly hard to handle. Usually, you'll need to watch out for hollowness. Experts from tree service Charlotte-located advise that you engage an expert if this hollowness is approximately one-third of the tree.

Cracks and cavities on this tree trunk should also signify that you need an expert. Large pieces of missing bark indicate that the trunk is not healthy. However, an arborist could help evaluate the situation even better, ensuring that all safety levels are met.

Too Close to Property

Suppose a decaying or damaged tree is near your house. In this case, it would be best to engage a professional. This move will help avoid any significant property damage in the long run. An expert will ensure that the tree falls away from the house, avoiding safety issues.

Be wary of leaning on trees. Sudden leaning could indicate that the tree is slowly eating away, meaning you need emergency tree services.

Large Dead Branches

A healthy tree comes with no large dead branches. An increase in such branches means that it is time to get professional help. Some of these branches might have no barks or seem broken. You could also check if these branches have strange insects or growth. An infected tree is likely to die much sooner, meaning you need to get a professional as soon as you can.

In conclusion, it would be best to engage a professional when removing a tree. The signs above should prompt you to take immediate action.

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