February 15, 2012

The Biggest Loser (Bounty Fresh Food, Inc. Edition)

Our campany, Bounty Fresh Food, Inc. (Contract Growing Department) is hosting an activity inspired by the TV show, The Biggest Loser. This is open to all interested employee of the company. This activity aims to promote healthy lifestyle and encourage physical fitness. Official weigh-in was conducted last February 03, 2012  Participants must form a 5-member group. Luckily, I was one of the participant in our department. This will be my motivation in losing weight. I'll keep posting updates regarding my weights.
Here are the complete details, mechanics, registration fees, and prizes (copied from the mechanics given by the host department):

"3. Weighing Mechanics
3.1   Official Weigh in start on February 3, 2012, Friday at exactly 10am -12 am, Caloocan Office. Representatives from HRD shall conduct the official weigh-in, and shall use digital weighing scale.
3.2  May 4, 2012  will be the final weigh in, 10am -12 pm.
3.3  Official monitoring of weight development will be done every 2 weeks but every participant is encouraged to monitor their weight on a weekly basis. Official weight results shall be posted after weigh-in.
3.4  There will be a picture taking of each participant during the initial and final weigh-in. Measurements of the waistline shall also be monitored every weigh-in.
1.      During the weigh in, participants must wear light cloths (Sporty Short and Shirt) and socks only (no shoes). Pockets should be empty, and all jewelries and accessories removed.
2.      The same clothes used during the initial weigh in must also be worn during the final weigh-in.
3.      Absence in the initial and final weigh in automatically disqualifies a participant; since this is a team event all 5 participants should be present during the weigh in.
4.      Use of drugs like Xenical and other weight loss pills are not allowed.         
IV. DURATION - The challenge will run for 90 days from official weigh-in.

V. RULES IN LOSING WEIGHT - Every participant must lose weight in a legal and healthy way.

1.      There will be two lucky winners to be announced
1.1. Individual and Group winner
2.      In Individual, the participants will be ranked according to percentage body weight loss, with the top 3 being declared the winners.
·            Initial Weight – Final Weight = Weight Loss
·            Weight Loss ÷ Initial Weight X 100 = Percentage Body Weight Loss.
3.      In Team, the team having the highest total percentage body weight loss will be declared winner.
·            Summation of Initial Weight – Summation of Final Weight = Team Weight Loss
·            Team Weight Loss ÷ Initial Weight X 100 = Team Percentage Body Weight Loss.

VII. REGISTRATION FEE - There shall be a registration fee of P 1000 per participant, payable during the weigh-in.

1.      The pot money will be coming from the registration fees of the participants. BFFI shall match whatever amount is generated by the registration fees.
2.      50% of the pot shall be awarded to the best in individual category, 50% shall be awarded to the best in team category.
3.      Medals shall also be awarded to the top 3 in the individual, and top 3 in the team category.
4.      All participants will take home finisher shirts and cap."

February 03, 2012: Official Weigh-in
Official Weight: 180 lbs (approx. 82 kilos)
After four months, I loose 5 pounds. Literally, I loose the challenge. hehehe