February 1, 2012

Project: Recycling Empty Milk Cans

My son is taking formula milk in replace of breastmilk (my wife returned to work 2 months after giving birth). Empty milk cans get accumulated and stored in our backyard. We are sellling some of them for PhP10.00/kilo which is very low. From then, I kept on storing those can which can be used for other purposes.

When the price of bell peppers got high (as high as PhP120/kilo), I told my wife that I will save the seeds and plant them. But the problem is, where am I going to plant those seeds? We don't have any available lot in our house, not even a small plant box. I resorted to the empty milk cans. I just have to paint it using "red oxide primer" before using for a little presentation.

I also saw the empty styro container (the one used to cushion the bottled chemicals) in the laboratory where I work, bring it home, and use it as plant pot.

Recycling this small items can be a big help in saving the environment.

Tomatoes in Styro Containers

Bell Peppers on Empty Milk Cans

Bell Peppers on Empty Milk Cans

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