February 12, 2012

Project: Cross-Stitch

I was in third year high school (1996) when I learned and started cross-stitching. I started with a very small design composed of 7 colors (still displayed in our home in Nueva Ecija). After finishing the first “project” , I moved to larger designs like 2nd Angel of Peace,  Earth Angel, White Tiger, Mother and Child, Monalisa, Adonis, Day’s End, Baby Lion and Baby Panda (the last two were supposed to be my sister’s school project).

I also accepted cross-stitching jobs (materials were provided by ‘customers’)  during summer and Christmas breaks. I made Rose of Sharon and 2 sets of Ballerina Pairs.

Our wedding souvenirs were customized “Wedding Bells” placed in picture frames (we bought the frames in Divisoria). I just look for a possible design. My wife creates the patterns using Hobbyware where you can choose how many colors you want to use. Here are some of the finished product designs created using Hobbyware. 
Wedding Bells-I: Our Giveaway for Primary Sponsors
Wedding Bells-II: Our Giveaway for Secondary Sponsors & Guests
White Lily

The Sunset

Tatched House

The Wedding

I also tried to customize one design named “Jesus Christ”. Instead of using metallic gold thread, I replaced it with plastic beads.
Jesus Christ
Most people think that this hobby is for women only. Nowadays, there are lot of men engaged in this hobby too. I remember that husband of one of my co-workers helped her in finishing their project entitled “United in Marriage”.

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