July 22, 2013

Matt the Duck Chaser

Last week, we got home earlier than the usual. I want to roam around our subdivision to have some practice as aspiring photographer. As usual I had with me my photography buddy.

While looking for a subject, we saw a group of ducks. As usual Matt, is very fond of live animals since he can only see them in photos and videos. What else would you expect to see in urban or suburban areas? Hehehe.

He really wants to be as close as them. Then when the duck starts to walk away from us, Matt keeps on chasing them while screaming. Here he is:

"Daddy pwede ko lapit sa ducks?"

"Lapit na ako sa kanila."
Seems planning something. hmmm
There he goes. He started chasing them!
Not until ducks reached a good hiding place. LOL