July 9, 2013

Matt’s Funny Homeschooling Experiences: Add “s” to Make It Plural

Early Morning Study
(just before we left for work)
I just wonder how Matt learned adding “s” on plural form of things. We, or should I say, Mommy, didn’t taught him about it, perhaps her Tita does. However he applies adding “s” to everything. Here's one of Mommy and Matt's conversations.

Mommy: Matt, anu tawag kapag madaming kotse?
Matt: Daming cars.
Mommy: Very good! Eh kapag madaming mango?
Matt: Daming mangoes.
Mommy: Kapag madaming apple?
Matt: Daming apples.
Mommy: Kapag madaming ball?
Matt: Wow! Daming balls.
Mommy: Tama! E kapag madaming ilaw?
Matt: Ddaming ilaws (sablay na!)
Mommy: Anu?! Ilaws?
Matt: Daming lamps.
Mommy: Galing. E kapag madaming bus?
Matt: Daming busssssss.(Toinks!)

He got a point, right? Add “s” to make it plural. LOL.