July 13, 2013

Opening Your Third Eye

When they said that you have a third eye opened, it means that you are able to see things and others that cannot be seen by a normal person. Most associate third eye as a paranormal ability to see ghost, spirits and others which makes me think that I don’t want to open my third eye.
Photo Source: Leak Source 
Lately, I tried to search on how to open third eye but I discovered something. It is far beyond the perception of having a third eye. Many say that third eye is a symbol of enlightened state of consciousness wherein one can perceive the world in near supernatural way but this does not mean that you are a psychic individual having supernatural powers. It only means that you can control your mind and emotions and has a deeper sense of intuition. Also, this is considered as the most powerful energy center of a human.

I also read some articles on how to open your third eye. Here are the basic and easy steps:

First, relax your body, mind and emotions. Meditation is one best way to do this. Try to imagine a brilliant white cloud above your head that as you breathe in, the cloud come over the crown of your head and as you breathe out, the tension in your head also disappears. Do this until the cloud moves all over your body imagining that the cloud simple vanishes taking all the tensions.

Second, after reaching the super-relaxed state, divert your attention to the center of your forehead and you will notice a definite pressure on your forehead. This is what they call the omnipotent power pushing against energy center.

Third, inhale deeply and notice that he pressure also increases. As you exhale, let the air out thru a long sigh sounding like “AH”. O this for few minutes.
However, I remembered someone said that when you had an opened Third eye, you will really see lots of things that a normal person cannot see. This is because they will see you as extremely light which they are often attracted. Also, having an opened third eye you cannot choose what you want to see.

Does your third eye already opened? Would you like to open it or opt to keep it close?