July 10, 2013

Movie Sharing: The Lucky One

Screenshot from the movie
This movie starred by Zac Efron as Logan and Taylor Schilling as Beth. Released in 2012, this is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks with the same title.

Logan is a US marine assigned in Iraq. After the night raid by his platoon, he saw a photo of a smiling woman and kept it. He also thought of it as his guardian angel since he survived from unfortunate events.

When Logan returned to Colorado, he had a hard time to adjust at home so he decided to leave and find the girl in the photo to thank her. The only clue he had was the lighthouse in the photo which happened to be located in Louisiana.

He later found the girl named Beth (Taylor Schilling) and knew that she was married to a deputy sheriff, Keith, but they are living separately. They had a son named Ben living with Beth.

Logan had a difficulty to tell Beth why she was there so he tried to apply for a job in their dog training clinic but Beth refused to hire him after knowing that Logan was a marine because she remembered her brother Drake who died in one of their battles. However, her grandmother, Ellie (Blythe Danner) hired him for the job.

From then on, they became close to each other without knowing Keith started to get jealous. One night he tried to breaks into Logan’s house and found the photo and told Beth that Logan has been stalking her. He became angry with Beth and pushed Logan away.

As he packed his things, he saw a photo of Drake in a chess book given to by Ben. He recognized the man as well as the tattoo “Aces” in the forearm which made him realized that it was his brother.

Keith went to Beth’s house and asked her to be together again as a family but she refused. Keith threatened to get Ben from her so the boy runs to the tree house as he heard the conversation. Then a tragedy happened. Keith died as the tree house collapsed after rescuing Ben.

Back to their home, Beth thanked Logan for saving Ben. Logan told Beth that he was there to tell her what really happened to Drake. They platoons’ path crossed during the night raid in Iraq. One of Drake’s men got injured and rescued it by risking his life.

As Logan walked away, Beth, ran after him and asked him to stay.

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