July 4, 2013

Zero Hour


I’ve waited for the airing of Zero Hour, an American conspiracy TV series since its initial airing was cancelled due to low ratings and just returned last June 15. I tried to download the weekly episode as soon as the airing resumed. Fortunately, I got a chance to download the remaining episode.

By the way, here is an overview of the said TV series:

It starred by Anthony Edwards as Hank Galliston, a publisher of a Paranormal-Skeptics magazine who happens to be involved in a mystery when his wife Laila (played by Jacinda Barrett) was abducted. As he searched for his wife, he found the mystery of 12 clocks scattered around the globe and handled the so-called "new apostles". Each clock contains clues on how to find the next and eventually leads to a more mysterious relic hid during the early Nazi Germany, the wooden cross where Christ was nailed.

Another mystery that Hank found is a frozen man sitting in a submarine at the Arctic Ocean with a face of his own. Lately he found out that he was not came from his mother's womb but a perfect result of cloning of the man he saw in the submarine.

I am now on the 10th episode and 3 more to finish.

How about you, what TV series are you hooked up today?