December 1, 2014

Healthier Substitutes for Food Cravings

Have you experienced that at the middle of the day, you want to eat something? How about wanting to munch some food but it is not available at the moment? One common reaction you will hear is: “Naglilihi ka ba?”. Well, you are in the state of CRAVING.

Craving is an indicator that there are something wrong in our body. Some reasons for experiencing this condition are dehydration, nutrient deficiency, hormonal imbalance, emotional stress, and the "yin/yang" imbalance. (MindBodyGreen)

In order to be satiated, we must fix the imbalances and fill up the needed nutrients by our body. I found this informative photo about FOOD CRAVINGSIt shows what are the nutrients deficient in our body when we crave for something and what are the "healthier" options in order to be satisfied.

Photo Source: PBCrave

Though most of the items in the last column is always available at home (cheese, milk, raisins, fruits and nuts), buying items listed in the first column is not restricted. We will still include it in our grocery list but the amount will be reduced. I don’t want to deprive myself because I believe that the more you deprive yourself from something, the more eager you want to have it resulting to unhealthier habit.

How do you handle your food cravings?