December 17, 2014

I Want a Foldable Bicycle

Yesterday, Matt had an educational trip to Laguna area. We left the school at around 6:30am and we need to be at the first destination - Jose Rizal's Home in Calamba, Laguna at around 9:00am. Unfortunately, we arrived the first destination at around 11:30am.

The main reason is TRAFFIC! We were caught in traffic at EDSA. Imagine, just passing the Kamuning fly-over took us about an hour.

With the increase number of vehicles travelling in EDSA, it is time for us to check for alternatives in order to avoid the traffic rush in the metro. One thing I have in mind is taking bicycle. Aside from getting away of the vehicle-congested roads, there are also other benefits that you can get in choosing this alternative.

Healthy Mind and Body - Riding the bicycle is one of the best workouts both cardiovascular and muscle-toning exercise burning more calories and strengthening different muscle groups. This also helps you clear's one head before going to work making you more concentrate on your work.

Environment Friendly - As most bikers said, this vehicle doesn't emit any pollutants or carbon gases that are harmful to Mother Nature.

Affordable - Aside from not using gas or fuel, bicycle requires less maintenance compared to other vehicles.

However, one of the problems when buying bicycle is its bulkiness. You need to have a car that can ride the bicycle. With this, Taiwan Excellence Campaign is introducing different foldable bicycles like Tern, Strida, and Pacific. These bicycles are easy to fold, lightweight, travel friendly and of course, sturdy. See photos below.

Photo Source: Pacific Cycles

Photo Source: Pacific Cycles

Though I lived in a suburban community, I want to own such foldable bicycles not because I used to caught in traffic on traffic daily but I want to use this as part of healthy living and shed extra pounds I will be gaining this holiday season.

Do you consider owning foldable bicycle too?

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