December 23, 2014


Two days to go and we will celebrate one of the most awaited holidays of the year -  CHRISTMAS! I know that most had already their Christmas parties at work and I just want to share some of the highlights in our parties.

The Main Office held the party on December 13. Our division joined the presentation contest. Unfortunately, we are not one of the 3 that placed the competition.

Our Division's Presentation

For more entertainment, they invited the composer-comedian and known as Parody King of the Philippines, Norman Mitchell. He made us laugh throughout his performance. I don’t have a pic of him while on the stage because the battery of my camera got drained. For those who don’t know him, here he is:

Source: Mega-Rhythm Productions

At night on the same day, our Tarlac Feed Mill held their party. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend since Matthew is sick that time. Actually, I haven't attended any of their Christmas Party since the plant was established.

On December 16, our department, Quality Assurance, had a mini-get together. Our colleagues from Cagayan de Oro was present that time. We also had a monito and monita where we received the items in our wish list. As listed Mommy received the flat iron while I got my new waffle maker.

The Flat Iron and Waffle Maker

The Food

Our Team less Chemist Dad
And last Saturday, the Bulacan Feed Mill had the same gathering. There are some presentations by each department to entertain the visitors. Presentations were joined by supervisors as part of the criteria. One that entertains most (I guess. Hahaha) is our department’s presentation but we only landed on the third. Not bad at all.

Group Presentations

There are also parlor games prepared like:

Beer Drinking from feeding bottles;

Paiklian ng pisi;

Palambutan ng talong;  and 

Putukan ng lobo.

As usual, our team is always the early bird... 

How’s your Christmas Party?

Merry Christmas to All!!!!