December 22, 2014

Herbal Plant: Mulberry

health benefits of mulberry, herbal plant, mulberry, naturopathic remedies,
Mulberry Bush

Few weeks ago, we visited a poultry farm due to some complaints regarding the feeds delivered to the farm.

During conversation with the farm owner, I noticed a very familiar plant in front of their office. So I asked one of the farm personels if that plant is really the one I know and it was confirmed, it was a Mulberry plant.

I picked some fruits and eat it. I am not aware that the farm owner saw me eating the berries and asked me, “Marunong ka pala kumain nyan?”.

health benefits of mulberry, herbal plant, mulberry, naturopathic remedies,
Mulberry Fruits
This plant has been one of my favorites way back to our home town. This was very common in our vicinity because of the Silk Worm Production where leaves are used as food by the worms.

The farm owner further told us that the plant came from China which is the reason for having a larger berries compared to the one I used to eat. He also added that there are lots of health benefits we can get from the plant. I researched on health benefits of Mulberry and here are some of its the healing galing powers.

From Wikifitness: 

health benefits of mulberry, herbal plant, mulberry, naturopathic remedies,
Diabetes - Flavonoids present in mulberries proves best food to prevent sharp rise and fall of sugar level in the patient. So it is effective to prevent the complication in diabetes patient due to sugar level spike.
Heart Health - Eating mulberries prove beneficial to the heart. It strengthens the nervous system and reduces bad cholesterol thus prevent blockage in the flow of blood. So it is effective to prevent heart attack and stroke.
Immune System - Mulberry is rich in Vitamin C which increases immunity to fight against common disease like cold, flu or any infections.
Eye Vision - Eating mulberries improve eye vision. It also protects the eye from free radicals which is the cause of eyesight loss and retina degeneration.
Hair - Eating mulberries strengthen, nourishes and promote hair growth. It is used to prevent early graying of hair.
Brain -  Mulberries are best brain tonic to increase memory and promotes healthy brain.
Blood Purifier - Mulberries are best blood purifier. It also improves blood circulation.
Constipation - Mulberries are rich in fiber which improves digestion thus prevent constipation.

From Stylecraze:

health benefits of mulberry, herbal plant, mulberry, naturopathic remedies,
1. Cures Certains Diseases
2. Prevents Cancers
3. Reduces Risk Of Blood Clots And Strokes
4. Cleanses Blood
5. Cleanses Liver And Strengthens Kidney
6. Prevents Flu And Cold
7. Speeds Up Recovery
8. Controls Blood Sugar
9. Maintains Heart Health
10. Controls Cholesterol
11. Enhances Appetite
12. Enhances Immunity
13. Improves Vision
14. Anti-Ageing Properties
15. Clears Skin
16. Rejuvenates Skin
17. Treats Skin Problems
18. Treats Dry And Sensitive Skin
19. Makes Skin Soft And Radiant
20. Rejuvenates Hair Folicles
21. Promotes Hair Growth
22. Retains Hair’s Natural Colour

Though there are lots of health benefits that we can get from Mulberry, anything in excess will be dangerous. Since mulberries are high in potassium, it might give any discomfort especially those who have kidney problems. 

Are you familiar with this plant?