December 8, 2014

Christmas Wishlist: A Short Update

Christmas is fast approaching. Have you already completed your gift list or does someone already granted some of your wishlist? If not, you might be included in the naughty list by your Santa Claus. Just kidding.

There are four items in my Christmas Wishlist for this year. All belongs to electronics and gadgets. Last month, I already had one of the items in the list - a new smart phone. Another item in the list will be slashed down this month - the LED TV. Mommy and I already eyed the unit to be purchased soon but we are still considering some things before buying a new television unit.

First, our Christmas Party will be held next week. Who might know, we can bring home a new TV from the raffle draw. Asa mode lang. 

Second, I am waiting for my credit card cut-off so it will appear on my statement on January 2015 and will be paid in February 2015. #smartbuying.

Lastly, we haven't decided where it will be placed; on table-top or wall mount.

One thing for sure about this - the new TV will materialized before the year ends.

Another item in my list is a sound system to be paired with the new TV unit. However, I am afraid to connect such unit since. I heard from one of my colleagues that having an extra sound system might ruin the TV unit especially if it is an LED or LCD.

What happened to his unit is that a straight line in the middle of the screen eventually appeared after installing an amplifier and a complete home theater sound system.

Maybe, I have to read some reviews and live sound buying guide first so I can pick the best unit compatible with the new TV unit.

Though the sound system will be removed from the list, I am happy that one is already granted while another one is already on its way!

Any updates on your Christmas Wishlist?