January 15, 2015

A Very Bad PLDT HomeULTERA Experience

I used to avoid writing negative posts on this blog because most that I read are of positive contents. The first and only negative post, that I can remember, is about the Senior Citizen Privilege at Jollibee.

PLDT Home Bro
Photo Source: PLDT
I kept on thinking several times if I am going to make a post about this or not. I think I have to share this very bad PLDT HomeULTERA experience, as the title goes.

A bit of history first.

October 16, 2014 - My Smart Wimax Outdoor was migrated to ULTERA. I don't have anything to say about the speed since it is faster compared to the previous connection.

November 03, 2014 - The connection was lost and upon checking the interface page, I got a notice of "No SIM Card Detected". I immediately called the customer service and they made a schedule for a technical visit.

November 09, 2014 - It was fixed by changing the SIM Card inserted to the antenna. From there, browsing the net was smooth and still have the same speed as the first.

November 25, 2014 - It went out again so I called customer service to report that my LTE has a "Down Status" as indicated. The signals kept of coming in and suddenly went out.

After that date, there are several technicians that visited and tried to fix the internet connection but none of them made a successful attempt. One tried to change everything, from antenna, cables, as well as the router but still, they failed to fix the problem.

I mentioned in every technician that visited the complete history and one reacted when I mentioned that the SIM Card was changed which is supposed to be a violation to their part.

I keep on making a report to their customer care and all they say is they are going to make a report and schedule a visit at home. I even asked the PDLT Home Service Hub in SM Marilao about the problem and I requested to terminate my account because of the problem that is two weeks already. However, according to them, until the contractors or the installers declared a "Failed Close" report, they cannot terminate my account. I am still under the 24-month lock-in period.

One day, there is again a scheduled technical visit at home so I asked them, if they cannot resume my internet that day, just make a "Failed Close” so I can terminate my account as advised. I even talked to one of their administrators about the problem. She mentioned that they can grant my request only if they are going to state in their report that I was the one who doesn't want to have the connection anymore and they are not going to mention that the problem in on their part because "Mababatas kami" , she added.

I keep on making follow-ups to tge administrator but she keeps on telling me that they can fix the problem once they got the first SIM card that has been activated on my account. But how long?

I also learned that the technician who changed the SIM Card is already not in operation. So the question is, how will it take to retrieve that SIM Card?

I tried to ask if they can terminate the first SIM Card and just re-activate the 2nd one since I was able to use it (2nd SIM card) for 15 days. This is also one of the suggestions by the technician who went to us. But the request was declined.

I called the customer service and report them what the subcontractor told me. According to them, termination of my account is feasible but I need to pay the monthly service fee for the remaining months of the lock-in period first.

WHAT?! The ULTERA was installed on October 16 and completely disconnected on November 25. This means that I have to pay for the remaining 23 months in my contract. THIS IS UNFAIR!

I also made an email regarding this matter and mentioned that I am not going to pay my bill until they fixed the problem. I also added that I will make a report this on matter to NTC as well as TV Patrol’s Kulang Sa Pansin segment.

I tried not to pursue that move since I am still hoping that this will be fixed very soon.

On January 12, 2015, I received a call asking me when I am going to settle my balance for the November 11 to December 10, 2014 cut-off.

WHAT? I will pay for the service that I didn't receive?

I called the customer service and clarified that do I need to pay the monthly bill even I don't have internet connection since November 25. The customer service told me that I need to pay those bills and they will just make a refund on the days or months that I don't have the connection once the internet resumes. What if in the remaining 22 months passed an my internet was not fixed? How am I going to refund those months that I paid?

Until now, I still don't have an internet connection. With this, I am now decided to report the said incident on NTC and TV Patrol.