January 22, 2015

Captured Moments: The “Angry Bird”

The last time we went home to our hometown, we had a short tour inside our Alma Mater campus – Central Luzon State University.

One that captured my attention is the Y-shaped, skin-peeled acacia tree standing in the middle of the road as you enter the campus' main gate.

Since nagkamalay na ako, lumaki, until I graduated, this “century old” acacia tree is erected in that location. Until last year, the tree was cut, but the main part is left standing. The bark was removed.

Nobody from the students know what is the purpose of remaining part. Some called it “Angry Bird” because it looks like the tirador or sling shot in the Angry Bird game.

Literally, birds might angry for removing another home for them.

The Angry Bird

Few months ago, I saw that there are already carvings on the tree remains – the faces of school’s presidents, past to present. The idea is good and will partially give knowledge on the CLSU’s history.

Century Old Acacia Tree carved with faces of CLSU Presidents

For other reasons why they remove that tree, I’ll just leave the question:

Does it take to kill such century old tree just to put the faces of the presidents?