January 16, 2015

Family Day Sundays: MTOs to Finish + Kite flying + Disaster Cooking and Baking

Mommy already made a post on kite flying and MTOs that we need to be finish.

Father-and-Son Bonding: Kite Flying and Baking
I made the DIY kite (I will make a post on this next time) of our Little Boss even there are still lots of crochet items that need to be done. This will not only make me get some rest from crochet but an opportunity for a father-and-son bonding too.

Added to the kite-flying, Matt and I had another bonding moment over the weekend. I asked Matt to assist me in molding the the dough. He asked me if I can make one of his favorites, Cars. Good that Mommy bought some bread dies which I used to as molds in making cookies. 

Aside from cookies, I managed to make some foods like cupcakes and kalabasa leche flan. Unfortunately, both resulted into a "disaster".

The cupcakes.

After several attempts, I still failed to make the best one. This time, the texture is already right, according to Mommy, but the top has crack. I read some articles on what causes the cracks. Aside from high temperature, it is recommended to use the bottom heater only. Next time, I will try applying these suggestions.

The Kalabasa Leche Flan

The end product is not like the traditional leche flan and tastes like halaya. Instead of having this as dessert, I will make this part of mais-con-yelo over the weekends.

If Mommy allows me to make another batch, I will try reduce the amount of squash, increase the number of eggs and exclude the egg whites.

Cupcakes and Kalabasa Leche Flan

That's what comprises my Family Day Sunday. 

How did you spend your weekends?