April 11, 2015

Holy Week Staycation

The Lenten week started on Palm Sunday. It was already a tradition for us to attend the mass on this day. Reviewing the years, I realized that we haven’t attended the same church for this event for four consecutive years already. We visited Baclaran Redemptorist Church, Divine Mercy National Shrine of Marilao, Imaculate Concepcion of Sta. Maria and Our Lady of Fatima Church (Heritage Homes, Marilao) in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, respectively. I guess I have to think another church for next year’s Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday

On the next three days (Monday to Wednesday), we still go to work since it was not yet a holiday though some already started their long-week vacation.

On Maundy Thursday, we still need to work on one batch of MTO since it is needed on April 10. I started fixing Jaby (red motorcycle) but didn’t finished it. There is a spare part that needs to be replaced but I cannot find a store to buy it. I also prepared homemade taho and baked lengua de gato which the later Matt claimed to be one of his favorites after having few bites.

"Vikings" Crochet Set (diaper cover, mittens, helmet and ugg boots)

Homemade taho

Lengua de Gato

On Good Friday, as our tradition, everyone must be at home and doing nothing. We planned to have visit Sta. Maria Bulacan and witness the procession of different saints. Due to very hot weather, I decided not to go, baka mag-collapse ako sa sobrang init.

On Black Saturday, instead of heading to a resort, Matt enjoyed playing in his pool while we fixed stuff in the kitchen and garage to get rid of the unused things and put them in the garbage. Luckily, there is a bakal-bote roaming where we sold those supposed to be garbage.

Matt in his pool

On Easter Sunday, we attended the mass and have some grocery afterwards. I want to let Matt attend and experience Easter Egg Hunting activities but we are far from the places with the said events.

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I also made Mango-Graham Ice Cream but didn’t make to our afternoon snack. Malambot pa kasi.

Before I forgot, I started making amigurumi samples. This will be included in the list of made-to-order souvenirs in our Mom and Dad Crochet Shop.

Feeding bottle amigurumi

With the almost 5-day vacation, I realized that it is better stay at home and have a recharge to face the stressful, I assume, condition at work. LOL.

Recipes of taho, lengua de gato and mango-graham ice cream will be posted at Our Family Blogs About soon.

How about you, how did you spend your vacation?