April 22, 2015

Homemade Foods to Beat Summer Heat

This season, one of the best option to ease the scorching heat of the sun is visiting resorts – either man-made or natural. Wavepools are now the main attraction of most resorts. But if you want to explore nature more, you can visit beaches, rivers, falls and lakes.

Aside from resorts, refreshing foods are also in demand season. Fruits like watermelon, singkamas, and melon are good picks this summer. Also, making homemade coolers is a nice alternative to counteract the heat and a great way to start business as well.

Here are some coolers that you can do at home.


This is one of the all time favorites. An extra effort is needed in preparation of this one. You need to make all the ingredients sweetened especially fruits like langka, banana, kaong, nata de coco, halaya, beans, leche flan, etc. Though reparation of this is tedious, each spoon will be definitely great. Having an ice cream on top is also a great option.

Mais con yelo

Mais con yelo
A simple version of halo-halo. You only need sweet corn kernels, topped with shaved ice, added with milk and you already have a perfect way to ease the heat.

Banana Con Yelo

Banana con yelo
If you are banana lover, this will be a perfect one for you. Sweetened banana added with tapioca or sago, crushed ice and milk.

Ice cream

Mango-Graham Ice cream
Making one is very easy. Prepare the ice cream base composed of all-purpose cream and condensed milk then add your desired flavor and freeze. Check the Mango-graham Ice cream recipe shared on Our Family Blogs About

Ice candies

Ice and ice candy

Preparation of this one is very simple. Just prepare your favorite juice, add more sugar than the usual, and place in ice candy plastic, freeze and you have your ice candy.

If popsicle molds are available, this will be perfect for kids.

Ice Scramble

Ice Scramble
Another simple yet very refreshing this summer composed of shaved ice mixed with some flavoring, topped with powdered milk and rice crispies or any toppings you want.

What other summer foods do you have in mind?