April 20, 2015

Summer Outfits for Men

Source: 1-moda.com
I am not a fashionista. Simple jeans, shirt and shoes will to my OOTD as long as I am wearing a clothes that I am comfortable with.

Though I don't care what to is in or not, I believe that men should also have a sense of being fashionista from time to time. Outfits that suits with the season from head to foot must be considered rather than ending into the so-called “tiis-ganda” situation men style.

Here are some things we need to consider in wearing this summer season. 

Wearing light-colored tops made of light fabrics is great.

Light-colored clothes tend to bounce heat away from the body unlike dark ones that absorb and retain the heat creating hotter feeling.

Cotton clothes are slightly discouraged because of its good absorbing property. This tends to hold sweat leaving you like a sponge which eventually trap heat generated by the body.

Summer-Man (Source: Philippine Online Chronicles)

Cargo shorts can be a nice option this summer especially during travel time. Though skinny pants for men is a fashion trend nowadays, wearing such clothing is not recommended. This will only give you the feeling of being squeezed.

Like tops, there are also light-fabric shorts and pants available in the market. Camouflage and khaki is a nice option too. 

Better look for socks made out of light and thin fabrics but try to avoid nylon fabrics. Wearing ankle-length socks is also a great choice.

 Fabric Sneakers (Source: WINTERFASHIONS.NET)

Sneaker shoes is a great and healthy option. These can be easily taken off to have your feet breathe for a while. Also, sneakers made of fabric can give a better ventilation compared to synthetic or genuine leathers. See this link for a wide collection of sneakers for men.

Again, whether summer or other season, wearing clothes is not a problem as long as you are comfortable.

How about you, what are your summer outfit ideas for men?