June 19, 2015

Company Outing: El Pescador Hotel and Resort

El Pescador Hotel and Resort
Last June 13-14, the company held our yearly outing at El Pescador Hotel and Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

The 5-hour drive is tiring because of rough roads in Camiling, Tarlac area due to side-by-side road reconstruction, zigzag roads in Sual and Bani, Pangasinan and few traffic build-ups in some town or palengke.

As soon as we arrived the place, we immediately went to the assigned room in the hotel to take a short nap.

With relaxing instrumental musics like saxophone, I easily fell asleep. I know playing such wind instrument is not easy. You also need to understand the use of additional accessories like synthetic reeds that will alter the range of the music from bass, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. 

Our room is located on the seaside where you can have a nice view of scene outside. The photos below were taken at different time.

At around 5:00 pm

Taken at around 6:30 pm
 Matthew, Mommy and I started dipping in the pool at around four in the afternoon. I only took few shots since I also enjoyed staying in the warm water in the kiddie pool.

Matthew at the kiddie pool

Though there is a beach on the other side of the hotel, we opt to stay where we are. Matthew is also afraid to swim at the beach. “Takot ako sa beach kasi may malaking shark dun.” as he explained to us.

Before having our dinner, we had few games in the function hall. Look who’s enjoying with our team too.

The youngest part of the team

The rest of the team

The following day, we took and early bath at the room and started packing our things and had our breakfast. We need to go back early to avoid traffic and arrive home early to take rest from long drive. While waiting for others, picture, picture na lang muna.

Matthew's jumpshot

Generally, the resort is nice. The rules in using pool-side umbrella or cottages and other amenities are not strict. You can use it anytime to place your things without extra cost. Once you paid for the entrance fee, you are allowed to use the amenities.

The room in the hotel is also nice, clean and comfy but I wasn't able to take photos of the room.

El Pescador Hotel where we stayed

Though the water is clear, there are some sea weeds in the shore.

Sea weeds at the shore

Here are other photos taken during our outing.

Matthew in the kid's pool

Souvenir items sold at the resort

How and where did you spend you summer vacation?