June 26, 2015

Movie Sharing: Fifty Shades of Grey

This movie became a worldwide hit due to some controversies behind it. It is based from the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the first of the trilogy books by E.L James. It is starred by Dakota Jhonson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.

Photo Source: Once Untold

Ana is a graduating college student requested by her sick roommate Kate to make the scheduled interview with the billionaire Christian Grey. From there, Ana started to like Christian despite his being intelligent, enigmatic and intimidating.

On the other hand, Christian started to realize that he likes Ana too. He gets jealous whenever he saw how close Ana with his male friends. Christian wants to continue their relationship but with certain conditions by taking control in everything.

For the full synopsis of the story you may read it HERE.

By the way, this movie contains scenes not suitable for kids.

I read in some reviews that the best way to watch this movie is either you haven’t or just read the book to make the comparison easier between the film and the novel.  Also, most reviews said that the ending is not what is written. The movie is an open-ended one.

The movie is categorized as romantic film but it focused more on the sex thing rather than the love story of the two characters. Maybe, this is the reason why most critics thought that this movie is more of sex rather than romance.

Yes, the movie is an open-ended one. It ended when the elevator door shuts as Ana left Christian alone. It doesn’t show what happened to both of then after that scene. Because of this, I assume that there is a follow-up film for this like the book.

As of now, I am already reading the book. As I read the book, I can still reminisce the scenes in the the film. I am also looking forward to read the two other books, Fifty Shades of Darker and Fifty Shades of Freed.

If you want a copy of these three books, I can send an e-book copy to you.

Have you seen this movie too?