June 8, 2015

Getting Ready for School

Ready for school
It’s Monday again! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Aside from the first day of the week, it is Matthew’s first day in school too. He is officially Kinder-2, another school year for him. The last step towards grade school. With his eagerness, I know he will learn more this year.

Most kids are excited about going back to school but to some parents, it is a difficult task.

Some parents experience problems waking-up kids to prepare for school. Glad for us that we didn’t encounter any problem with Little Bossing.

How we do that? Here are some tips.

Let them enjoy with limitations.
Since vacation time, we still allow him to enjoy it. We let him watch his favorite clips on TV via YouTube, draw his favorite character and superhero, play outside in the afternoon.

But all of these have limitations too.

As agreement, he needs to behave nice at home. If he breaks the rule, all of these will be limited for the next day or until he become nice again.

Just like Mommy shared, the rule of punishment is better than the reward system because this will let them realize their mistakes.

Drawing time (Instagram)

Keep the momentum in their study even on vacation.
School break or vacation is the time kids need to take a rest from books, notebooks and other school stuff. In our case, Matthew wants to continue his study at home before bedtime. Though we keep on telling him that they don’t have classes yet, he still insist to continue his study.

Matt doing his writing lesson (Instagram)

With this, Mommy taught him advance reading lessons before bedtime. She also gave writing and mathematics task before leaving home for work. Now he can already read 1-2 syllable-words.

Reading time (Instagram)
It is up to us, parents, if you want to have them either review or advance classes. Both will do good to keep your kids interest in their study.

Don’t change their body clock.
Ever since, Matthew used to wake-up and go downstairs after we prepare for work. During vacation, we don’t let this routine changed by letting him sleep all he wants.

Some parents let their kids stay longer in bed since it is vacation. For me, this will only create problem when school days comes.

Kids need to adjust and change their body clock again. To lessen the problem, adjustment on reverting their body clock must be done at least two weeks before school starts.

These are just few suggestions based on my experiences. There are other ways to prepare your kids on going back to school.

How about your kids, are they already prepared?