June 22, 2015

Driving Moments: Obeying Simple Traffic Rules

On our way to Bolinao, I took a shot on this tricycle (actually there is a motorcycle in front) that continuously drive his vehicle inside the intersection even on red light. Red light means STOP, this is very elementary.

Aside from the signal light, I know that an intersection with yellow cross means that it should be clear from vehicles, anytime.

What if a fast moving vehicle from a green signal passes the intersection?

I observed such scenarios in other areas too. Some vehicles keep on crossing the intersection even on red light.

There are instances that some vehicles at my back blow their horns when I stopped and wait for the green light. Kahit pa sabihin nila na wala namang tumatawid, and no traffic officers are visible in the area, I still follow the rules especially when I have Matthew. Remember, parents are the role models of our kids.

Many accidents happened by not obeying such simple traffic rules. Some drivers tends to violates especially when there are no officers in the area. Usually these results to untoward incident.

Have you observed such scenarios on the road?