June 7, 2015

Driving Moments: Useless Road Expansion

Most of my time at work is driving from one plant to another.  There are times I get bored and sleepy especially when caught on traffic. To counter this, I used to capture some unusual, from my view, photos using my phone. I decided to share these photos every week.

To start with, here are some photos on road widening.

In our area, there are several roadworks and expansion happening every now and then. What's new? Election is period is already near.

However these road expansions seem to be useless. Electrical concrete posts are still standing on the expanded area which is not passable to some vehicles.

In some areas, trees and its huge branches are still obstructing the road. I am against the cutting trees however, this road is not as busy as others that really needs road widening.

Some said that these areas will be another nice parking areas for trucks and other vehicles.

Speaking of roadworks, the other day, we were stuck in traffic for almost an hour. Here is the reason.

Two trucks were pouring cement on the road. They did this in the middle of rush hour which causes long lines of traffic in both sides of the road.

I am wondering, can they do this on at night or middle of the day where only few vehicles use the road? In the first place, the road in this area is still in good condition, I assume, but wrecked and repair.

Do you think such road widening is useless at all? 

Note: These photos were framed while stuck in traffic or I simply pull-over the car for a while to keep safe while driving.