February 9, 2016

Valentine Gift Ideas For His And Hers

Few more days before Valentine’s Day!

Have you already picked the right gift for your love? If not, here are some gift ideas and you might be interested with one of the items listed.



Chocolates are must be included in the list of gifts for your girlfriend or wifey. Pick a box of different varieties. This Valentines, Red Ribbon Bakeshop offers a Heart-Shaped Black Forest Cakes which can be a great alternative to a box of chocolates.

This heart’s day, flowers will be the best selling item. Either in a bouquet or three-piece roses can put a smile on her face.

A piece of earrings or ring can be a nice option in terms of jewelry. Pick a piece that will show how you love your girl. Giving a promise ring for her is an ideal thing to show how your feel.
Promise Ring
Handmade Scarf or Shawl
Ladies will be fascinated if you will give a thing that is made by your own hand. A simple crochet scarf or shawl is a good choice. This will give the impression of how you exerts effort to finish the handcrafted masterpiece.

Crochet Scarf

Choose of a delicate, fresh, and floral scent like orange, jasmine or cedarwood.


Men are not “sweet-tooth” in nature but chocolates are not exempted as a gift this heart’s day. However, instead of giving the traditional milk chocolates, go for other variants like dark and mint flavors.

Ladies loves roses but cactus is so far the “manliest” plant for a boyfriend or hubby. An additional tip, a big and thorny variety is best for a "clumsy" type of men. This can be placed in a pot or much better in a terrarium.

Terrarium (Grabbed from Pinterest)

Shade and Watch
Though men are not used to wearing jewelry, giving them shades, caps or watch are the best counterpart of necklaces and earrings for women.

Power Tools
Men will prefer home-pampering tools rather than body pampering sets. Power tools for home crafts are the best choice.

Women looks sexier in their lingerie but for men, jacket, jogging pants and boxer briefs are better options.

Pick the sandalwood, citrus, peppercorns, or woody scents rather than tobacco and spice.

Whatever you give to the one you love, look not on how much or how beautiful it is but on how you love him/her.

Have you already pick the best gift for your love one?

Other Source: Cosmopolitan