February 27, 2016

My Easy Soft Shoes

I heard from the news earlier that after suffering from drought caused by El Niño, La Niña follows and will be experienced on the last part of the year. With this, frequent downpours will be experienced.

When this weather condition strikes, pahirapan na naman magpatuyo ng damit. Clothes are not the only to be worried about, but shoes too. It is very uncomfortable going to school or work wearing wet shoes.

Though there are footwears suit for rainy seasons like boots or shoe covers, you need to have an extra bag for the shoes for work or school.

I was buying shoes made of rubber but after few months, pudpod na ung swelas and parang nag-e-expand. Until last year, Mommy and I discovered the Easy Soft by World Balance and I bought two pairs for me. These shoes are made of Vicro-tech material and it is durable, waterproof and shock absorbing.

The first pair I had is the Lincoln Loafers. I used this not only at work but as casual shoes going to mall or market with a pair of shorts. Just one precaution, be sure to wear socks that will cover your ankles. Medyo matigas kasi ‘yung edge and may result in blister. Other features is okay naman.

The second pair I purchased is the Orion which I used mainly for work. It can be paired with semi-formal slacks or denim pants. Matthew has the same pair of Orion as an alternative for his school shoes. He loves wearing it. Magaan kasi.

Photo Source: Momaye’s Diary 
Last week, my Lincoln loafers tore. This is just in time I got my new pair of Easy Soft Chukka Boots – Texas.

This pair is not only for formal but can be worn if you want a rugged look. Though it looks like tough and sturdy, it is lightweight making it more comfortable to wear at any occasions, just like the other pairs.

When it comes to cleaning, soap and water are all you need. Instead of wax for polishing, tire black is  recommended you need to restore the color and make it look new.

With the remaining two Easy Soft Shoes, and planning to get another pair, I am now ready for the rainy season kahit La Niña pa as well as Mommy and Matthew.

Our Easy Soft Shoes (Photo Source: Momaye’s Diary)
By the way, Easy Soft is a division of World Balance that specializes in mould-injected footwear. 

This is not a paid post.