February 5, 2016

Movie Sharing: Burnt

It was already February but I haven’t seen any movies shown in January particularly those in my lists like The Forest, The Boy and Kung Fu Panda 3.

Though I didn’t visit any movie house lately, I was able to see a movie about one of my passion – cooking. The movie is entitled Burnt which starred by Bradley Cooper as Adama Jones, Daniel Bruhl as Tony and Sienna Miller as Helene. 

Source: INQ Pop

Here is the plot:

Adam Jones is a former drug user and a perfectionist who disappeared and let himself open 1 million oysters in a bar in New Orleans. After doing oysters, he decided to return to London to regain his reputation and get his third Michelin Star – an indication of how great a chef is.

He went back and ask Tony to take over hotel restaurant. However, Tony doesn’t trust him and he thought that Adam is already dead because he did not appear in their friend’s funeral.

Adam visited another friend, Conti and get attracted to the sous-chef Helene.

He also found his friend Michel where he betrayed in Paris by releasing rats in Michel’s restaurant and reported to the health inspector. In the end, they agreed to work together.

Adam (Screenshot)

In order to convince Tony to his request of having his own restaurant, he invited Simone, a famous restaurant critic, to dine in Tony’s hotel. There, Adam appeared in the kitchen to prove himself. Because of this, Tony’s father decided to renovate the hotel and hire Adam as the head chef in a condition that Adam will undergo a weekly drug test. The hotel was named as Langhams.

Helene gets fired by Conti and worked with Adam. Unfortunately, because of Adam’s too much humiliation in front of the team and becoming physically aggressive to her, Helene decided to quit but Tony convinced her to get back by giving some insights about Adam and she will get respect from Adam.

Helene working in the kitchen (Screenshot)

Adam appeared on a talk show and invited different famous restaurant critic to dine at Langhams where he get great reviews making Langhams as one of London’s must-to-go restaurant.

Helene and Adam working relationship improves when Adam baked a very nice cake on her birthday.

Tony and Adam continues to prepare for the Michelin Star.

Their fried Reece reopens his restaurant and invited Adam to attend the event. He asked Helene to accompany him. On the night of the event, they met Anne Marie ( Jean-Luc’s daughter). Adam and Anne used to date and like Adam, she was also cleaned and sober. Anne wants to hand her father’s knives to Adam.

The next morning, Helene and Adam met at the fish market. On their way to the restaurant, they kissed but interrupted by the drug dealer’s henchmen. Adam handed the fish to Helene and go with the henchmen. The following morning, Helene found him at the kitchen entrance with blood on his face. They planned to send Adam to the hospital but the Michelin critics arrived. Adam stood up and prepare the food. Unfortunately, minutes after the food was served, Tony returned because the soup was too spicy. Michel sabotages the food by adding cayenne pepper as revenge for what Adam did to him in Paris.

With dismay, Adam considers jumping from the Westminster Bridge. Later, he went to Reece’s restaurant drunk and begins weeping. Adam stays there for the night. The next morning, Reece prepared food for him and told him that he admires Adam because he kept on experimenting on his menu.

Adam returned to the restaurant and found that Anne Marie paid the drug dealers. She also handed him his father’s knives.

Tony and Helene found tony at the hotel room. They give a good news that the customer they thought as Michelin reviewers were not even they behaved as like them. With the excitement of getting a chance to get a Michelin star, Adam kissed Tony before leaving Helene and Adam alone.

One of the dishes served to Michelin reviewers (Screenshot)

Adam returned to the kitchen and started listening to Helene and other staff. When the real Michelin reviewers appeared, together with Helene, Adam prepared a superb meal which leads to receiving the third star.

I was amazed on how a “Michelin Star” a big deal in becoming a famous chef in Europe. Just one wrong move can ruin your glory as a famous chef in the area.

This also shows how fun and difficult to work inside the kitchen as the chef, sous-chef, and other members of the team.

Have you seen this movie too?