February 19, 2016

Summer Getaway Must Haves

Last weekend, I feel the temperature rises which is an indication that summer is on its way. I suddenly get the urge to visit a beach or a resort like our last year’s outing in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Saan kaya kami this year?

Before heading to a beach or a resort, we should prepare ourselves to have a stress-free summer getaway. Aside from swimwear and beach towels, backpacks should be filled with other necessities for a summer outing. Here is a short list of summer getaway must haves:

Of course, this is a must for taking selfies and documentations. If you can afford to have a waterproof gadgets, the better.

Though you have your ATM or debit cards in your wallet all the time, having extra cash is still better. There are some beaches or resorts that do not accept cards or located in a place far from and cash dispensing machines.

Photo Source: Makeup and Beauty
Staying under the sun needs protection from the UV rays and sunscreen is a nice way to stay away from the harmful effect of UV rays. The higher the SPF the better. Also, consider re-applying everytime you went out of the water. Aside from the skin, our lips are also prone to sunburn so better include in your bag a lip balm with SPF too.

Extra Clothes
Bringing a couple of extra clothes will not make your beach bag heavier by 10 kilos. This is in cases of emergencies or you opted to stay longer in the resort. It is better to bring excess than running out of what you wear.

Flip Flops
Source: Old Navy

Wearing sneakers as your travel outfit is nice but wearing light weight but sturdy pair flip flops is a better pick when you walk by the shore or near the pool. 

Hobby’s Kit
Long stay on a beach or resort may put you into boredom. Inserting hobby-related things in your bags like books, portable video player, or in our case, crochet will help diverting your interest aside from the waters around.

Insect Repellent
insect repellent
Photo Source: Momaye's Diary

Most outings have an activity on a shore around a bonfire. Having a small bottle of insect repellent will keep you away from insects related disease like dengue.

Medicine and First Aid Kit
Eating and drinking is one of the best parts of summer outing. There are times that your body might react negatively resulting to headaches, diarrhea, allergies and heart burns. Having medicines in your bag like paracetamol, loperamide, anti-histamine, and antacids can help solve these problems. If you have someone with you that takes maintenance, don’t forget to bring extra number of their medicines.

Summer Hat
Source: BuyHatHats
Sunscreen is not enough, especially to our face. To avoid redding of cheeks and nose, bring a floppy hat that shades our face from the sun.

Photo Source: ZaloraPH
Eyes need protection from the UV rays too. There are available eye-wears with UV filters or polarized lenses. Beat the sun with cool Oakley sunglasses only at ZALORA

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Body fluids drain faster because of hot temperature. Water is the best way to keep the body hydrated. Normally 8-10 glasses of water are recommended by health experts but this increases during the summer season. 

This is the best tool for parents. There are beach resorts that are being visited by many people during summer vacation. To avoid losing your kids, this tiny thing can help you locate your kids.

Putting these things inside your beach bag will not make it heavy but this will help stay away from possible problems that will be encountered while having your summer vacation.

Can you add some more on the list?