February 12, 2016

Captured Moments: Traffic Lights, OFF

With the heavy traffic experiencing in the metro, having traffic lights can help ease the said problem especially on the busy streets. However, there are also traffic lights that don't help, instead, it may worsen the traffic situation.

Nowadays, traffic lights are not only common in the metro but in other suburban areas. This is not only to cope up with the technology but to help solve traffic situation provided that drivers have the discipline to follow the rule – Slow Down, Stop and Go!

In one of the busy crossings in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, a set of traffic lights was installed in 2015. Many commuters and private vehicle owners were excited to see how it will ease the problem in the area. Unfortunately, the installation of traffic light resulted in a more inconvenience than having a smooth flow.

The time of red light on the main road is three times longer than the green light which resulted in very long lines of vehicles. 

This is not the only problem, as of now, the traffic light is not used for several months already. I don’t know if the system is defective or not. The local government placed an enforcer to mandate the traffic in the said area.

I hope that this traffic light will turn ON kasi saying naman ung tax na ibinabayad natin to install such utilities and just put into nothing.

Do you have the same scenario in your area?