April 26, 2013

Healing Galing Products: Healing Oil

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Healing Oil
One of the best-seller Healing Galing Products is the Healing Oil. According to Dr. Edinell Calvario, it is a combination of thousands of essential oils that are found to effectively control ailments and diseases. Testimonials from the users of this product are continuously increasing. From simple to the most complicated ones like myoma and cancers of any type (breast cancer, prostate, ovarian etc.).

I remember a lady suffering from stage 4 breast cancer. following the holistic approach instructed to her, for less than a month, her cancer was cured. Same with a lady with myoma as large as infant’s head was removed after a week of treatment.

One way in order to attain its effectiveness is by having a hot compress first to open the skin pores followed by massaging until the skin can no longer absorb the oil. Another hot compress is done to ensure that the oil will penetrate deeply. For the ailments targeting the internal parts, there are special procedures.

In our house, we never let this product out of stock. We used this in cases of emergencies. For example, Matt has chapped lips, during humid weather. After applying the oil and left overnight, his lips went back to normal. Mommy uses this one to massage my MIL spine which makes her tremors (Parkinson’s disease) reduced and she feels a bit better compared before.

For the price of 450 pesos per 60-ml is not bad.

For interested, you may visit their office located at Brgy. Talipapa, Novaliches, Quezon City. Here's how to go to Healing Galing main office.

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