November 27, 2012

A Love Story

There was this guy who has a girl friend which he considered as his best friend (same with the girl). They took the same school from pre-school, primary, secondary until college, where they took the same course. Even they are classmates from pre-school; they are not close to each other until they reached their senior years. This is one of the reasons why the guy took the same course as the girl.

During their college life their friendship becomes closer and stronger. The guy fetched and drops the girl from and into their house before and after their classes. Most, including their classmates and professors, thought that they are in a relationship. Of course, like ordinary friends, they had misunderstandings but it will not take long before they settled it.

They share secrets thru constant exchange of letters, from family problems, schools, as well as their own love life.

On their last days in school, the man got a problem with some of his subjects, including his thesis, which made him left behind while the girl graduated.

After the graduation, the girl handed her final letter to the guy. As the guy read the letter, the girl confessed her feelings on the guys being linked to him. However, the guy feels a bit strange and knew that there is something more the girl wants to tell him. At the last part of the letter a revealing statement from the girl was written and here it goes: “I am going to swallow my pride just to tell you that I LOVE YOU.” To his surprise, he sent text message to the girl but she refused to talk about it. From then on, their friendship starts to change. The guy started to shoo away from the girl. There are times that they see each other but guy tried to drive himself away from the girl.

The girl tried to forget everything about them and she starts to accept that they will remain as friends. She worked in a multi-national company pursuing her chosen profession while the guy stayed in their hometown and continue attending his school.

After a year, the guy is about to graduate. One night, while doing his manuscript, the guy unexpectedly received a text message from the girl asking if he wants to work in their company too right after graduation because they are in need of additional personnel. The guy excitedly replied that he is willing to work in their company and he was hired.

On their first two months in their work, they remain casual and continue their friendship. Of course, there are times that they are being teased with their colleagues but they keep on denying it.

One day, the guy forwarded a quotation to the girl about a man being neglected because he was just an ordinary friend. Then, the girl asked the guy, if what he thinks of himself when it comes to her. Then the guy replied, “What if I told you that I do feel the same you do? That I LOVE YOU too?”

The girl immediately called the guy refused to answer it and even turned his phone off. The following day, there is something strange between the two that even their colleagues noticed it. It seems that there is a gap between them.

Until one day, the girl had a trip to audit one of their service providers. It was her first time to go to that place and all she got is an instruction on going to the bus station where she never had been before. Then the guy volunteered himself to be with the girl from their workplace to the bus station. The girl thought that it was just a joke but to her surprise the guy is waiting at their doorstep at the time they agreed. Their official relationship as girlfriend/boyfriend starts there and took five years before they decided to settle down. 

They got married exactly on the day of their fifth anniversary as girlfriend/boyfriend.  Now they are married for four years and 4 months and being in a relationship for 9 years and 4 months and living with a two year-old son.

As of this day, they are celebrating their 112th monthsary.

Hope you enjoy this short love story – the love story of Mommy Maye and Daddy Allan.
I would like to share to you one of our favourite love songs. I honestly Love you by Olivia Newton John.

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