November 16, 2012

Captured Moments: Photo Collection

Photo Collection

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I am going to post some of the photos I collected during our 3-day vacation in our hometown. Here they are:

Candle in the Wind
I took this photo last November 01 on our visit to Tatay in cemetery. The flame of the candle sways as the wind blows making it literally called “Candle in the Wind”.

The Pond
I took a “striking” photo of this fish pond on our way home from my in-laws at around 4pm. The sun is still up.

While patiently waiting for the sunrise, I got this spider on its web. It was different from the other spider since it was elongated in shape and with long legs.

Full Moon?
Nope this is not the moon but the sun. Taken at the cemetery before noon which appears to be like the moon covered by the Mahogany tree. This is the one I submitted and hope to be land even as finalist. Please vote HERE.

This is the process where plants release water which often happened at night time. I took a shot of these three water droplets in the rice field. Take a closer look at the largest one, you can see my blurry reflection while taking photo of it.

Insect 1
Insect 2
What was I love about going to our hometown is that there are lot of possible subjects for photos which are rarely seen in suburban or urban community. Like this two winged insects with an approximate size of 1-2cm long.

Upside Down
I took this plant or should I say tree a few minutes after the sunsets.

There are flowers too but I will do it as flower power 3.

Good Day!

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