November 11, 2012

Toddlers Develpoment

Matt exhibits some acts that we think in advance compared to his age. At 29 months, he can easily identify and recite the alphabet, can recognize numbers as well as count from 1-20, can distinguish not only the primary colors but others too including fuchsia, can identify the basic parts of the body, can sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Bahay Kubo" in correct tunes (good thing he did not acquire singing talent from me. hehehe). He can also hold pen and colors firmly and make doodles.

According to my sister, a primary school teacher, such abilities where the one being taught in preschools. Because of this, we are planning to try Matt send to school next school year and hopefully can catch the lessons easily.

In connection to this, I searched some ideas about toddler's development and here what I found.

Age, months
Mastered Skills (most children can do)
Emerging Skills (half of children can do)
Advanced Skills (a few children can do)

25 to 26

Takes off clothes.
Names several body parts.
Builds a tower out of three or four building bricks. 
Washes hands (needs help with drying).
Brushes teeth with help.
Puts on clothes.
Throws a ball overarm.
Speaks clearly most of the time.
Draws vertical line.

27 to 28

Speaks clearly most of the time.
Puts on clothes.
Jumps up off the ground.
Builds a tower out of several bricks.
Draws vertical line.
Balances on one foot.

29 to 30


Brushes teeth with help.
Washes hands (needs help with drying).
Draws a vertical line.
Balances on one foot.
Puts on T-shirt.
Names one colour.
Names one friend.

31 to 32

Builds a tower of six building bricks.
Names at least six body parts.
Throws ball overarm.
Puts on a T-shirt.
Balances on each foot for a second.
Brushes teeth with supervision.
Calls a friend by his name.
Uses two adjectives.

33 to 34

Names one colour.
Carries on a conversation of   two to three sentences.
Names at least four pictures   in a book.
Builds a tower of eight building bricks.
Uses prepositions (e.g. on, in, over).
Speaks clearly most of the time.
Completely toilet trained during the day.
Wiggles thumb.
Expresses a wide range of emotions.

35 to 36

Can describe how two objects are used.
Uses four to five words in a sentence.
Names two actions (e.g. skipping, jumping).
Balances on each foot for three seconds.
Can follow a two- or three-component command.
Separates fairly easily from parents.
Hops and skips.
Draws a circle.
Gets dressed without help.
Source: Baby Center

Based on the above information, there are things Matt does considered in advance not only for his age but for older like potty trained (33-34 months) where he has this before he reached 2. Another is naming one color wherein Matt can identify more. He can also speak clearly. He can fluently speak the "f", "s" and "r" wherein most kids have difficulty in pronouncing these letters. As parent, we are really proud hearing from others that he was really in advance for his age.

For me, parents and other close persons have a great impact on kid's development. In our experience with Matt, instead of buying him ordinary toys like cars and robots, we prefer on buying educational toys and books. Before he reach 2, we bought him posters and post in on our bedroom walls where he learned the ABCs and 123s.

I hope Matt will not change and will continue to next level.

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