November 10, 2012

Movie Sharing: The Descendants

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I just finished watching this movie, based on a novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings. This movie was released on December 2011 which starred George Clooney as Matt King, a trustee of a huge land in one of the islands in Hawaii.

At first it was kind a boring but as I watched the film, I found it interesting. Though the movie was released just last year, the setting seems to be already old.

This movie is about a rich man whose wife, Elizabeth became in a coma after hardly hit by a boat in her head.  Matthew was too busy at work and did not know that his wife is cheating on him. He only knew this when his elder daughter Alex told him that she was angry with her mom because she saw her with other guy. Furthermore, he just knew that Elizabeth is planning to file a divorce from their close friends.

He and Alex find ways to meet the guy named Brian Speer and confront him. During their confrontation, Matt find out that Brian does not love Elizabeth because he loved his family. Brian also admitted that what was between him and Elizabeth is just an affair.

I salute Matt in this movie. He is really determined to meet Brian and confront him. He even stayed calm in confronting Brian. Until the end Matt showed his love to Elizabeth. He even cried during his goodbyes before he died. “Goodbye, Elizabeth. My love. My friend. My pain. My joy”. This were the last words Matt whispered to Elizabeth before his tears rolled.

Sometimes, or should I say often, we will only realize how much we love a person when they are gone.

Here's a preview from Youtube.

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