November 9, 2012

Undas 2012 (part 2)

I woke up early to catch the sunrise in our backyard. I also took a chance to shoot some things to be added in my collection (I will post them here soon).
Sunrise at Nueva Ecija
Early walk with Papa (lower right)
Matt help Mama picking veggies in the backyard
(upper left)
We went back to my in-laws to fetch them and proceed to the cemetery to visit my Tatay (FIL). We stayed there for about a couple of hours before we held our lunch at Jollibee as promised by Nanay (MIL) to Matt.
Matt: Nay, sa Jollibee tayo kain ng lunch ha? Gusto ko ng ice cream.
(Lower right)

We went back to our house and have a rest at the bahay-kubo in our backyard while doing some crochet works. Yes, we still work even on holidays. Hehehe.

In the afternoon, we went to one of the parks in our alma mater instead of going to the athletic field,   where we held a mini picnic. Matt is enjoys playing in the ground since there are no such place in our subdivision. 
At the Park
I missed living in the province where life seems so simple unlike in the urban or suburban area where we live now.

The long weekends seems to be short but wonderful.