August 17, 2013

Another Dad's Confession

Last Thursday, since it was holiday here in Bulacan, we decided to visit SM City Marilao to pay our water bill and unwind. However, it ended into something that is not expected.

We are on a computer shop looking for a desktop. Matt was hyperactive by then and just wants to run and run. He doesn't want to be carried and started to scream when we did it.

Then we decided to go down on the ground level using escalator. Mommy used to carry Matt downwards but he refuses and wants to do it by himself. She also asked him to hold her hands to guide him but again, he declined. I was already at the ground level waiting for them when Mommy asked me to go upstairs again and Matt was crying and screaming which makes all passers-by looking at him.

I lost my temper and forced to carry Matt, proceed directly in the car at the parking area and talked to him but he doesn't listen. I tried to his wipe tears but refuses and tried to run away from me. With my anger, I spanked him a bit hard on his butt, put him inside the car, waited for Mommy and my BIL and went back home.  

Matt was still crying and screaming: "Babalik tayo SM, aatras tayo. Babalik tayo SM bibili ng juice." I didn't listen to him and keep on driving. Mommy is talking to him about his bad act that time.

I am not talking too much that time until we reached home. This is due to my anger, but the major reason is, I feel guilty on what I did especially when he said: "Sakit, pwet Matt Matt."