August 15, 2013

Throw-Back-Thursday: Matt - The Shaolin Kid

When Matt turned 1, Mommy and I decided to make "kalbo" as his first haircut. Many said that this will help his hair grow thicker. Here he is after his first haircut:
"The Shaolin Kid"
After posting on FB and Papa saw this photo, he had a bit violent reaction on teh new look of his apo and told us over the phone: "Bakit n'yo naman kinalbo appo ko? Kung anu-anu ginagawa nyo sa buhok nya. Pumangit tuloy!"

Lagot! Matt has already a kakampi. From then on, we decided not to have his that kind of haircut again, or else, si Papa na ang kalaban namin. Hahaha.

Matt with his barbero

Finish product