August 30, 2013

Phototheme Challenge

It took months before I decided to start posting again on My Captured Moments. Just like Mommy’s suggestion, I must have daily themes to give myself challenge and to keep my momentum in taking photos. 

She even told me: “Buti pa nung digicam lang ang gamit mo ang sipag mong kumuha ng mga photo. Ngayong may DSLR ka na parang naging tamad ka.”  

She got a point but I got my excuse: “Di naman tinatamad, wala lang kasi ako masyadong makita na  magandang subjects.” (Lulusot ba? LOL)

Here are the themes I decided to make for my photos and I’ll start posting this coming Monday.

Nature’s Touch Monday – anything from nature – insects, butterflies, trees, plants, and many more except flowers which I placed on separate day.
Flower Power Tuesday – I had already the said collection in this blog before and decided to move it on My Captured Moments blog.
Up, Up and Away Wednesday – sky, buildings, sunrise, sunsets, etc.
Grayscale Thursday – anything that I think better in grayscale mode.
Random Shots Friday – shots that cannot be classified in the first four categories.

Saturday and Sundays will be rest day for me so I can have a chance to take more photos for the following week or weeks and of course for some editing.

Care to share your suggestions?