August 19, 2013

Simple Way to Retrieve "Missing" Files in Thumb Drive

Last week, I used Mommy’s USB Stick to one of our computers in the production. I was warned by the owner of the computer that there is a virus in that PC. I ignored precaution given to me since my computer has its own antivirus.

Upon inserting the USB stick, a shortcut file was created and all the files where transferred to it. When I returned the device to Mommy, she was surprised that she cannot find all her files saved on the device. She immediately scanned and found 4 different “worms”. Upon cleaning, no file was found but when you checked for the properties of the device, it shows that there is used space which means the files were still there but hidden. She started freaking already since all of the crochet patterns were there and she doesn’t have any back-up files.

I tried to search the net and found solution on how to recover the files hidden by the virus. Here are the steps:

1. Open the command prompt window (Start Menu>Programs>accessories>command prompt).

2. Find the letter that corresponds to your USB stick. You can easily find this in the My computer folder.

3. In the command prompt, type the letter that corresponds to your USB Stick followed by colon (eg, D: ) and hit enter.

4. Then type in attrib –s –h /s /d *.*
Command Prompt

5. Now go to your USB stick folder and you will find file folder.
USB Content After performing the task in Command Prompt

6. Open this and you will find the current files in your USB stick.
Content of the File Folder

For a safer move, I cut first all the file and put them in a new folder (Desktop) before reformatting the USB stick. This is just an optional though.

Care to share some of your tips on how to retrieve missing files from an infected USB stick?