August 16, 2013

"Moobs Like Jagger"

(Photo Source: AllExperts)
I am guilty or say conscious about this excess fat on my chest which make it looks like a boobs (medyo lang naman). I want to remove it but Mommy told me, "Yan nga nga ang asset mo e."

What?! An asset for a man?! LOL.

Such condition is medically known as gynecomastia and often referred to as “manboobs” or “moobs”. Other causes of this is excessive intake of alcohol, use of drugs like anabolic steroids, results from certain disease, congenital or even the dramatic weight loss can result to this one due to sagging of skin.

I read several steps to reduce or eliminate those “moobs” like those listed below.

First, identify the cause, being overweight or hormonal. If this is caused by being overweight you can start your regime by having cardio exercise and strength training before doing the main routine. Running, jogging or skipping rope will definitely help. This is to reduce your excess body fats. If hormonal, you may ask medical assistance.

Second, change your diet, this will help a lot if the identified cause is overweight. Increasing the amount of fruits and veggies as source of fiber will not only make you feel full but it will aid in supplying essential nutrients in building up muscles and reducing fat. High fiber with enough supply of protein and few whole grains can be a better option.

Reducing alcohol and sugar intake is another way to reduce excess fats. Such products increase the your calorie intake as well as fat. Try to reduce 25% of calorie intake as you start your daily exercise. If you feel hungry, try to replace your usual snack by having veggies like carrots, celery, unsalted nuts and unflavored yogurt. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!

If your moobs is caused by hormonal imbalances, try to lower the intake of estrogen levels. Meat and meat products can be source of estrogen due to hormones being injected to the animals as they grow. (Believe me, I am working in a feed milling industry. Hehehe) Shifting to fruits and veggies like green beans, corn, broccoli, cabbage, melons, berries, grapes and pineapple is a good option.

Third, be active. Try to have set a goal like doing 10,000 steps daily. If you can afford to have a pedometer, grab one so you can monitor how many steps made each day. For those who work in the office, try to use the stairs if you are just 1-2 floors from the ground level. This will not only let you do some exercises but will help you avoid long lines in the elevators.

Next I will post some basic cardio exercise routine and strength training which I will hopefully try soon. Hehehe.

Stay fit and healthy!