August 27, 2013

Cooking with Pork Innards

I just want to share some recipes that I used to cook using pork innards – lungs, heart, kidney and other internal organs. Some found this 
Bopis consists mainly of lungs chopped into small bits added with achuete or annatto as coloring and chili for added spice. Others include heart, pancreas, kidney as well as the intestines. Also, radish can be added as an extender. Some paired this with alcoholic drinks.

Batchoy ala Chemist Dad
Batchoy is a popularly known to be a native of Iloilo. It consists of pork innards like pancreas, liver, heart and kidney. Round noodles were also added while I prefer to use miswa. For added flavor, spring onions and pork chicharon are used as toppings before serving.

Pork Igado is one of the popular Ilocano dish consists of pork tenderloin, liver and kidney. Vegetables like carrots, bell pepper and green peas for added color.

Another variety of pork igado is Pork Kilawin just less the veggies and soy sauce.

How about you, how do you cook pork innards?