November 18, 2013

How to Transfer Content of Your Blog to Another?

Mommy mentioned in one of her posts that we made a new blog to save from buying domains. Because of this, I had to say goodbye to two of my blogs – food and photography. 

One problem I encountered is how to transfer the content of my two blogs to the newly created Our Family Blog About… considering the number of posts I had. One way I thought is to transfer one-by-one using copy-paste method. I did this to my food blog and it took me two weeks to transfer all the contents. Not until I discovered that I can make a simpler way – export-import method. It took me less than 5 minutes to transfer all the contents of my photography blog. Here’s how:

Go to your blogger account then click the blog you want to export.
Go to Setting and click Others

Look for the Blog tools and click Export blog and save the xml file into your computer.

Now go back to blogger.
This time select the blog where you want to import.
Go to Setting, Others and Blog tools.
Click Import blog.
A window will pop then click the Choose File button then look for the xml file you previously saved.
Click the Import Blog button but be sure to enter the captcha characters. You may opt to automatically publish the imported contents of just do it manually later.

Wait for a minute or less.
Voila, the content of the old blog is now imported to your new blog.

By the way, this procedure applies to blogger platforms only.