November 20, 2013

Who Says Only Women Can Do This?

Me doing crochet during lunch break
(Grabbed from Mommy's IG)
Many said that men and women nowadays are equal. There are jobs specifically for men are now being done by women. So why can’t I do the same things as women do? For instance, crocheting. I know that most will definitely laugh after seeing me doing crochet because many think that this is just for women only and it will lessen my masculinity. I beg to disagree, ika nga!

I remember I was in my elementary days which I first taught how to make centerpieces as part of our home economics projects. My grandmother gave me ideas and other things to learn in crocheting from holding the yarn and hook, up to how to create different patterns. After I finished my project, I didn't tried to continue doing crochet products.

Then one day, Mommy asked me if we can sell crochet items for babies in Momaye’s Shoppe. I got excited to try doing crochet again. However, there are basic steps that I forgot after almost 20 years of hiatus. I read and watched some instructions on how to do the basic steps in crocheting. Actually, I was the first one to study the basic techniques in crochet and shared to Mommy (wag nang kokontra…lol).

At first, it was not that easy. Looking on the downloaded patterns, symbols, and abbreviations is quite difficult. With patience and willingness, I can easily read patterns now. Sometimes, just by staring at the photos, I can easily identify how it was done. Same with Mommy too. Now I can say crocheting is as easy as 1-2-3.

I am not doing this just to earn extra income but I am happy with it especially when we received satisfaction feedbacks from our customers.

Now, who can say only women can do crochet?

By the way, here is a new part of our crochet collections in Momaye's Shoppe - Strawberry Shortcake Hat (you can have the pattern HERE.) and Strawberry Applique Headband.

Mommy created a Mom and Dad Crochet FanPage in FB where we posted our creations.

Strawberry Shortcake Hat
Strawberry Applique Headband