November 25, 2013

Yayo of the Day

Last Thursday, we were informed that our remaining leave credits can only be used until the end of November or it will be forfeited. I still have one leave credit so I decided to use it last Saturday (Yes, we have work on Saturdays).

So what to do the whole day staying at home? As usual, kahit bakasyon, I must earn extra by crocheting. But what I am excited about this, it gave me extra bonding time with super kulit Matt by being “Yayo of the Day”! Yayo means male nanny.
Matt and I - taken using webcam while chatting with Mommy
With a super kulit Matt, what should I do to let him behave in order to finish the crochet item? Simple. Just give what makes him behave and stay on one place - his favorite McQueen. While doing crochet, I let him watched Cars in Youtube. It works, but after an hour, he feels bored already. Sino ba naman di mabobored watching for a hour?

What to do next? I asked him if he wants to watch TV. "Buksan mo Daddy yung TV sa Channel 5. Ben10." as his response. So I let him watch again. After finishing the crochet sandals, we went downstairs and he prepared for his bath while I prepared to leave to fetch Mommy.
Matt watching Cars
In the afternoon Mommy and I went to Divisoria to buy stuffs needed for our crochet items and other loot items. You can see Mommy’s post about it HERE.

How about you, how do you make kids behave?

By the way here is the finished product of the crochet sandals.