November 30, 2013

Movie Sharing: 3 Idiots

Photo Source: Ace Kaiser
The movie is all about 3 college students who first met in the prestigious school for engineers in India – Imperial College of Engineering. Ranchhoddas Chanchand starred by Amir Khan met two of his classmates Faran Qureshi and Raju Rastogi which became his best friends. Faran got an eye for photography but forced to take engineering because of his parent’s desire while Raju is a men who believes in many superstitions and lucky charms.

On the first day of teh semester, they had a school orientation and met the very strict and terror school director named Viru Sahastrabuddhe or commonly called by students as Dr. ViruS. He shared a story about an astronaut pen gave to him by their former director as a symbol of excellence. He also challenged them that he will give it to a very extraordinary student on their graduation since for 32 years, he didn’t find anyone to pass it on.

One day he saw Joy Lobo, a graduating student, talking to Dr. ViruS asking and extension to his helicopter with cam as thesis project. But Dr. ViruS did not gave him extension so Joy dumped his project in a trash can. Rancho got it and helped him fix the machine without knowing it. On the day Rancho and his friends tried it, they are surprised seeing on the monitor that the student died by hanging himself on the ceiling.

Rancho talked to Dr. ViruS and argued about how to teach the students up to the point Dr. ViruS pulled him and bring him to class to let him teach engineering where he was put into shame.

One day, during one of their drinking session, Racho advised his two friends to follow their heart. He knew that Faran wants to be a photographer rather than an engineer. On the other hand, Raju wants to be an engineer but seems had hard time studying. Racho advised him to remove all his fears. The two agreed with what he said but dares him to tell Pia (ViruS’ daughter) what he feels for her.

On the house, Raju and Faran peed on the mailbox. ViruS woke up and they three ran away but Raju was recognized by ViruS. Raju was called at the director’s office and asked him to write a letter to his parents saying that he was expelled from the school. Raju couldn’t do it but ViruS gave him an option to put Racho’s name instead of him. He can’t decide so he jumped out of the window and got hospitalized.

After several months, before the graduation, there is a job interview from some companies that could possibly hired them just before their graduation. As promised, Raju removed all his lucky rings while Faran tell his parents that he will quit engineering and will go on photography. Both succeeded and gave their thanks to Racho. On the other hand, Rancho graduated as student of the year. Furthermore, the astronaut pen was also given to him by Dr. ViruS.

After graduation, Faran and Raju didn't get any contact with Rancho. Not until they met Chatur Ramilingam who went back after 5 years to show how successful he is compared to the “three idiots”. Chatur is very aspirant to be in the top rank of their school but always landed 2nd behind Rancho. They went to Rancho’s house. Unfortunately, they saw different Rancho and found the truth that their friend Rancho is actually named Chotte, son of their gardener who happens to disguise as him to get a degree in engineering as his father’s wish.

They were given a school address where they can find Rancho or Chotte. At school, they didn't wonder that their friend was there just by seeing all the inventions around. They found out that their friend has all of Faran’s photography books and a consistent reader of Raju’s blog.

They found their friend on the seashore. Chatur handed a declaration of defeat and let him signed it as acceptance. Rancho’s friend was amazed when they found out his real identity. He was Phunsukh Wangdu, a known scientist who patented hundreds of inventions. Chatur was also shocked when he found out that the one he knew Rancho was the one he was looking for a deal with a company he’s working at.

The movie is great but it was too long – about 3 hours. Nalala ko tuloy ang mga old Pinoy movies. There are scenes that suddenly dancers appeared and will perform until the song finished.

Here in our area, there are some stalls selling ihaw-ihaw named Racho and you can find a quote “All is well”. I guess the name derived from this movie since one of the song played and dance is entitled “All is Well”.

I also watched Amir Khan’s “Every Child is Special”. So far these two movies are just the Bollywood movies I’ve watched. Care to share some?

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