November 16, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda Fever

The disaster made by typhoon Yolanda puts our country in the world map again. Even foreign countries keep their eyes on the destruction made by the said natural calamity.

There are just some issues I observed with regard to this topic. Here are some:

The news or media focuses mostly on Tacloban area. I understand this one since this is the place severely hit by typhoon. However, there are other places that experienced the same problems. One is Capiz where I saw in Facebook.

Just like Mommy said in one of our conversation: “Kundi pa nagkaroon ng aksidente kahapon, hindi pa magkakaroon ng balita sa Manila.”, pertaining to the accident happened in EDSA-Magallanes the other day.

Religion. Yes, one issue that really got  the attention of many is the situation wherein Iglesia ni Cristo in Iloilo did not allow Catholics to enter their Kapilya and only accepted the members of the said religious group. Though, there are no confirmation made by the said group. And who can forget the man behind the twitter post that only INC are being saved from the said calamity. I don’t know if this is just a way of black propaganda or political issue.

Looting. I can understand how the people behaved upon looting Gaisano Mall and get all the things they want. However, one thing that makes me feel really different is that even appliances (Selecta Ice Cream freezer for instance) and gadgets are being looted in the said mall. I heard that the owners already gave the permission to get the food they want but asked them to leave dry goods but what happened is different. If they only made “bayanihan”  by repacking the foods available inside the mall, everyone will benefit.

I admire one of the owner of a grocery store that decided repack everything inside their store and give it as a relief goods to his kababayan rather than being looted.

Relief Goods. I think this is one of the biggest issue right now. Most of the complaints you hear is they haven’t received any relief goods knowing that the calamity happened almost a week ago. I know that there are many relief goods from private and government institutions but one of their problems is the mobilization. I just hope that this will be resolved immediately.

These are just few issues around. Care to share your insights and observations?

By the way I just want to share this photo I saw in Facebook:
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