February 15, 2014

On Our Friend's Wedding

Yesterday, instead of having a private date with Mommy, we travelled all the way to Antipolo for our friend’s wedding. A week before, my friend already asked me if I can be their official photographer. I was a bit hesitant since I am not yet used to capture photos of such events. Pero sige na nga alang-alang sa pagkakaibigan. Bahala na. Hehehe

Instead of giving the copies of the photos to the newly-wed, I was planning to do some editing, lay-out and video slides as part of the job. Of course with a right professional or kahit talent fee na lang…(Just kidding.)

Here are just some of the shots and I will post some after editing, lay-outing and slide.
The newly-weds
Wedding Kiss
The Ring
The Food
Syempre I must to have a photo din. Thanks to Mommy!
The Groom, Photographer and Super Kulit Matt
The Bride's vow
The Groom's Vow