February 18, 2014

Summer Sideline: Ice and Ice Candy

As of now, we are experiencing a slight increase in ambient temperature. Though PAG-ASA haven’t officially declared, parang summer na especially during noontime. Because of this, last week, we already started selling one of the famous pampalamig – ice and ice candy.
Signage on our gate
Since there is still enough room in our freezer, selling ice and ice candy is not a problem. Kahit papano may pandagdag bayad sa kuryente. LOL

Initially, we made buko (coconut) and mango flavors. Selling is not that fast as of the moment but still, after a week, the buko flavour is already sold-out and we need to replenish it. I am thinking of making other flavors para di naman magsawa mga bumibili. Melon, chocolate or sago’t gulaman are the options.

Ice and Ice Candy in the freezer

Having such sidelines during summer might help your kids to be business-minded at early age. Just like what Mommy said: “Kapag pwede ng turuan si Matt ng crochet, pwede na syang magbenta sa school. Malay mo, in the future, he will become the youngest millionaire in the country.” She got a point there.

Aside from ice, ice candy or halo-halo, do you have any summer sideline ideas?