February 20, 2014

Project: Rapunzel Crochet Hat

Crochet Rapunzel Hat
Mommy mentioned in her post that after attending our friend’s wedding, I need to finish the Rapunzel hat. Because of not having a pattern and this is new to me, this took me about a week to finish two sets of different sizes.

After I finished this project, I asked Matt to fit the other one since the head circumference is the same as his. Wala kasing ibang bata na pwedeng maging model for this one. Buti nalang game si batang kulit and he keeps on saying it was “Galema” instead of Rapunzel. He got a point, mukang Galema nga naman lalo na ung maliit.
After wearing it, I just realized that Matt looks like the girl in the photo that serves as my guide in making the said hat.
Are they look-a-likes?
By the way, if you are into crochet and wants to make this too, I am glad to share my own pattern HERE.